Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cooliris in-browser photo wall

Recently I installed a plugin called Cooliris on my Firefox browser. It turns the browser into a web photo viewer that lets you quickly canvass the Internet via pictures, and you can quickly switch back and forth between Cooliris and normal browsing. The photo wall provides a new way to peruse the web: it's browsing without reading. Even an illiterate person can enjoy web images using this product. It's great for a quick glance at the news without reading headlines. In fact, with this plugin the image is the headline. But what puts the "Cool" in Cooliris is that manipulating this wall is like something straight out of The Matrix. I highly recommend you check it out!

(found this photo of Cooliris by using Cooliris!)


ET said...

Check out what me and Vernon ( did with the Flickr API.

ET in Seattle

PS. Flickr for the win!!

mainlandgal said...

Gotta check this out!