Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Camera

I had owned crappy point-and-shoot cameras in the past, so it's no wonder that photography never piqued my interest much. It's one thing to snap the obligatory record-saver at a party or vacation trip, but it's another thing entirely to compose an image using only your wits. The digital SLR provides an opportunity to exercise and develop those wits. The tool that I have selected is the Canon EOS Rebel XSI. It is not the most expensive DSLR available but it is also not the cheapest, especially for an initial foray into photo-land. Naturally my options were either Canon or Nikon, but I will spare you that debate for now. I will not write much about the technology for now except to say that it keeps getting better, and as amazing as it is today the glory is temporal. So I am not terribly interested in hearing why Nikon is better than Canon or vice-versa. Seriously, would you have questioned Monet's choice of canvas for painting the Mona Lisa?*

Anyway, I hope to use this device for many years to come: this is the first of what is hoped to be many thousands of images taken. That's right, IMG_0001 baby! Did you notice the flash in the lens?

*No, because it was painted on wood by Leo da Vinci, but you get my meaning.

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kepani said...

"a new toy...can i play?"

nice page and site kimurasan. boku no kamera ga daisuki desu!

let's trade info on photography. it's fun and at the same time 'takai'. (:

looking forward to more posts!